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DuribilityTest of 3KW Generator for Deawoo Company
Souce:Trueworth | Writer:hkw79100f | Published time :2019-06-10 | 487 Views | Share:
In order to manufacture famous brand DAEWOO generator , TRUEWORTH team organized a duribility testing of 3KW sample  

Model number : TX3500
Frequency: 60HZ
Engine : 170F
Dynamo : rated output 3kw
Test requirement : continuously working 200 hrs and supplying 3kw load without engine stop
Test report :

Test date : 2019-6-1------2019-6-9
Test Voltage : 220V
Test Ampere : 14A
Engine Oil Temperature : 118℃ in the night , 120℃ in the day

After 9 day and 9 night continusouly testing , TX3500(3kw generator) made in TRUEWORTH bring a perfect performance to everybody ,The engine is powerful and stable after 200 hrs continuously working , the alternator is supplying enough output from the beginning to the present , surface parts all well .
Small workshop could supply high quality product under reasonable price